Fly a Confederate flag every day, but with special remembrance on:


1-2 - 1862 Battles of Murfreesboro, TN including Parker's Crossroads and Stone's River, TN (continues from Dec 31)

1 - 1863 Battle of Galveston, TX.  General Magruder recaptures the port and city of Galveston and disperses the federal blockading fleet. Called the first successful cavalry charge upon a naval fleet.

2 - 1861 Fort Johnson in Charleston Harbor is seized by South Carolina Troops.

2-3 - 1863 Battle of Stones River, TN

3 - 1861 Fort Pulaski seized by Georgia State Troops

4 - 1861 Arsenal at Mt. Vernon, AL seized by Alabama Troops.

5- 1822 General Joseph B. Kershaw’s birthday

5 - 1861 Forts Morgan and Gaines seized by Alabama State Troops.

6 - 1861 Arsenal at Apalachicola, FL seized by Florida State Troops.

7 - 1861 Florida State troops occupy Fort Marion at St. Augustine

8 - 1821 General James Longstreet’s birthday

8 - 2000-Sons of Confederate Veterans demonstrate in support of Confederate History and Heritage and in support of flying the Battle Flag at the capital in Columbia, SC

9 - 1861 Mississippi secedes,  a large blue flag with a single white star is flown (Bonnie Blue).  US Ship "Star of the West" fired on in Charleston harbor, SC by Cadets from the Citadel.  Citizens seize Fort Johnston, Smithville, NC

 9 1904 John B. Gordon died.

10 - 1861 Florida secedes.  Citizens seize Fort Caswell near Smithville and Wilmington, NC. Louisiana State Troops seize the US Arsenal and Barracks at Baton Rouge, LA.

11 - 1861 Alabama secedes.  Louisiana Troops seize Forts Jackson and St. Phillip.  Louisiana Troops also seize the USMC Hospital near New Orleans, LA.

12 - 1861 Florida troops occupy Barrancas Barracks and Forts Barrancas and McRee and the Navy Yard at Pensacola, FL.

14 - 1806 Matthew Fontaine Maury's birthday, a commander in the CSA Navy, diplomat for CSA government in Europe, one of the era’s most distinguished scientists, and father of naval oceanography and meteorology.

14 - 1861 Fort Pike, LA is occupied by Louisiana Troops.

15 - 1821 Generals John C. Breckinridge and Lafayette McLaw birthday's

15 - 1861 US Coast Guard Survey Steamer Dana seized by Florida officials at St. Augustine, FL.

16 - 1861 Major General Twiggs surrendered all Federal property in Texas to Brig. General McCulloch at the Alamo.

18 - 1862 The Confederate Territory of Arizona is formed

19 - 1807 Birthday of Robert E. Lee: (Texas State Holiday "Confederate Hero's Day")

 19 - 1861 Georgia secedes

19 - 1862 Battle of Mill Springs, KY

20 - 1861 Mississippi secessionists take control of Federal installations on Ship Island, MS

21 - 1824 Birthday of Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson

24 1861 Georgia state troops take control of the Federal arsenal in Augusta

26 1861 Louisiana secedes.  Georgia state troops size Oglethorpe Barracks and Fort Jackson.

 27 1826 General Richard Taylor’s birthday

28 1825 General George E. Pickett’s birthday

28 1861 Fort Macomb, LA occupied by Louisiana State Troops. 

28 1865 CSS Stonewall officially designated. Begins trip to Confederacy.

30 - 1861 US Revenue Cutter Lewis Cass is surrendered to Alabama troops at Mobile.

 30-31 1863 Ironclads CSS Chicora and CSS Palmetto State, dispersed the entire Union blockade fleet in front of Charleston, SC raising the blockade for a 24-hour period.

31 - 1861 U.S. Mint and Customs House in New Orleans seized by Louisiana State Troops

31 1863 Naval battle at Charleston, SC


1 - 1861 Texas secedes. Officials seize the US Mint and Customs House in New Orleans, LA.

1 - 1873 Matthew Fontaine Maury died.

3 - 1807 General Joseph E. Johnston’s birthday

4  - 1861 First session of the Provisional Confederate Congress in Montgomery, AL

5-7  -  1865 Battle of Hatcher's Run, VA

5  - 1861 Resolution for the formation of the Confederate States of America

6 - 1832 John B. Gordon’s birthday (CSA General and statesman, First Commander in Chief of the UCV)

6  - 1833 General J. E. B. Stuart’s birthday.

6  - 1834 General William D. Pender’s birthday

6  - 1862 Battle of Fort Henry, TN

7 - 1817 Leroy Pope Walker’s birthday (CSA general, cabinet member, statesman)

7 - 1861  Choctaw Indian Nation declares an alliance with the CSA.

8 - 1817 General Richard Ewell’s birthday.

8 - 1861 Provisional Confederate Constitution is adopted (Confederate Constitution Day).  Arsenal at Little Rock, AR occupied by State Troops.

8 - 1862 Battle of Roanoke Island, NC

9 - 1861 Jefferson Davis was elected by the Provisional government as President and Alexander Stephens as Vice President of the Confederate States of America

11 - 1812 Birthday of Alexander H. Stephens

13-16 - 1862 Battle of Fort Donelson, TN

14 - 1862 Confederate shore batteries of Fort Donelson, exchange fire with Union Ironclads.

15 - 1861 CSA Provisional Congress provides for a Peace Commission to the US Government.

16 - 1861 Texas troops occupy Arsenal and Barracks in San Antonio, TX.

16 - 1865 Fall of Columbia, SC 

17 - 1864 Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley becomes the first submarine to sink an enemy ship (USS Housatonic) in combat off Charleston SC

18 - 1817 General Lewis A. Armistead’s birthday

18 - 1861 Inauguration of President Jefferson Davis of the Confederate States of America.  All US military posts in Texas are surrendered to state authorities by General Twiggs.

19 - 1865 Sherman’s invading army burns most of Columbia, SC 

20-21 - 1864 Battle of Olustee, FL

20 - 1861 Confederate States Navy founded

21 - 1863 Battle of Valverde, NM

22 - 1862 Official date adopted by the second and permanent Confederate Congress for formation of the CSA to honor the 130th anniversary of General and President George Washington’s birthday. (who is featured on the Great Seal of the Confederate States)

22 - 1865 Fall of Wilmington, NC

23 - 1838 General Gilbert Moxley Sorrel’s birthday

25 - 1833 General Clement A. Evans birthday

25 - 1862 Occupation of Nashville, TN throughout the war. 

26 - 1861 CSA Congress passes Act to organize a general staff of the Army.

27 - 1863 President Davis calls for a national day of fasting and prayer

28 - 1863 CSS Nashville is destroyed by the US Montauk near Fort McAllister, GA. 


2 - 1861 Texas admitted to the Confederacy.  US Revenue Cutter Dodge is seized by Texas troops at Galveston, TX.

2 - 1867 Northern-majority Congress passed the Reconstruction Act, declaring the Southern States to be outside the indivisible Union troops re-entered the South and implemented U.S. military rule. The Southern States were then required to ratify the amendment as the price of readmission to the Union. Otherwise, they would remain under military rule. 

3 - 1861 General Beauregard assumes command of the CS Army at Charleston, SC.

 4 - 1861 First National Flag of the Confederacy is displayed (although a resolution to officially adopt was never passed by the Confederate Congress) The very first flag of the Confederate States of America was raised by Miss Letitia Christian Tyler, granddaughter of former President John Tyler.

 5 - 1865 President Davis signs the law adopting the Third National Flag of the Confederate States as the official CSA Flag.

6-8 1862 Battle of Pea Ridge, AR

7 - 1862 CSA Generals McCulloch and McIntosh are killed in action at Pea Ridge AR

8 - 1862 The CSS Virginia on patrol near Hampton Roads, VA, sinks USS Cumberland, damages USS Minnesota and USS Roanoke

8-10 - 1865 Battle of Kinston, NC

9 - 1862 CSS Virginia and battles the ironclad USS Monitor near Hampton Roads, VA

9 - 1865 Battle of Monroe's Crossroads, NC

10 - 1865 Skirmish at Boyd's Station, AL

 11 - 1861 Confederate Congress adopts the Constitution of the Confederate States of America.  General Bragg assumes command of the Confederate forces in Florida.

13 - 1862 US Major General Henry Halleck, Commander of the Department of the West, issued "Order Number Two." The order labeled all Confederate guerrillas as outlaws and required that they are executed immediately upon capture

15 - 1863 HMS Britannia runs the Federal blockade arriving in Wilmington, NC

16 - 1828 General Patrick R. Cleburne’s birthday

16 - 1865 Battle of Averasboro, NC

17 - 1863 Battle of Kelly's Ford, VA

19-21 - 1865 Battle of Bentonville, the last significant attempt to stop the invading Yankee army of Sherman 

 22 - 1817 General Braxton Bragg’s birthday

22 - 1864 The Great Snowball fight in Dalton GA.

23 - 1862 First Battle of Kernstown, VA

24 - 1864 General Nathan Bedford Forrest's cavalry captures Union City, TN

25 - 1865 Confederates attack Fort Stedman, VA

26 - 1864 Battle of Paducah, KY

27 - 1864 Fighting at Branchville and Brooks Mill, AR

28 - 1818 General Wade Hampton, III’s birthday

28 - 1862 Battle of Glorieta Pass, NM

29 - 1865 Heavy fighting in Petersburg, VA at Boydton and Quaker Roads

30 - 1862 Union City, TN under federal attack

30 - 1863 Skirmish at Tahlequah Indian Territory

31 - 1863 John S. Mosby's cavalry defeat Federals at Drainesville, VA


1 1823 General Simon B. Buckner’s birthday.

 1 1863 General Stand Watie was authorized to raise his own brigade. The Cherokee leader is the first and only Indian to serve as a General in the WBTS on either side.

1 1865 Battle of Five Forks, VA

2 1865 Battle of Fort Gregg, VA, The Fall of Richmond, VA, General A.P. Hill is killed 

2 1865 Confederate government retreats to Danville, VA where President Jefferson Davis issued his last official order

3 1865 Richmond and Petersburg, VA occupied by Yankee troops

6-7 1862 Battle of Pittsburg Landing, TN

6 1865 Battle of Sayler’s Creek, VA

7 1862 Battle of Island #10, MO

8 1864 Battle of Mansfield, LA

9 1865 General Robert E. Lee surrenders the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattox Court House 

10 1806 General Leonidas Polk’s birthday

11 1862 Fort Pulaski, GA in the mouth of the Savannah River is captured by Yankees

12 1861 Confederates begin the bombardment of Fort Sumter

12 1862 Andrews raid on Western & Atlantic Rail Road in GA also known as "The Great Locomotive Chase"

13 1861 The garrison of US troops at Fort Sumter surrenders.

13 1865 Yankee troops occupy Raleigh, NC 

14 1861 Fort Sumter is occupied by Confederate forces.

15 1861 Lincoln issued a call to the U.S. state governors for 75,000 militiamen. This call was made without the consent of Congress, which was a breach of the Constitution. It signaled another act of aggression against the peaceful secession of the Confederate states.  Fort Macon, NC is occupied by state troops.

16 1861 Forts Caswell and Johnston in North Carolina are occupied by state troops.

16 1865 Battle of Columbus, GA

17 1861 Virginia secedes

18 1864 General John S. Marmaduke captures 198 supply wagons at Poison Springs, AR

19 1861 Lincoln announces the blockade of all Southern ports from South Carolina to Texas.

19 1865 Battle of Culloden, GA

20 1861 Texans seize the US Coast Guard schooner Twilight at Port Aransas, TX.  Arsenal at Liberty, MO seized by Confederate sympathizers.

21 1861 Mint at Charlotte NC seized by state troops.  General Van Dorn assumes command of Confederate forces in Texas.

21 1862 Confederate Congress passed the Confederate Partisan Ranger Act, which recognized Southern guerrilla forces as legal military groups with official officers.

22 1861 Arsenal at Fayetteville, NC seized by state troops.

22 1862 Confederate raiders capture federal vessels in Aransas Bay, TX

23 1861 Arkansas troops occupy Fort Smith. General Robert E. Lee assumes command of State troops in Virginia.

23 1864 Fighting at Monnett's Ferry, LA, Independence, MO, and Hunter's Mill, VA

24 1862 Confederate gunboats battle Union fleet below New Orleans, LA

25 1862 New Orleans falls to Admiral Farragut's US Fleet 

26 1865 General Joseph E. Johnson surrenders the Army of Tennessee at Durham Station, NC 

26 Confederate Memorial Day (most Southern states observed)

27 1861 Virginia invites the Confederate Government to establish Richmond its capital. Colonel Thomas Jackson assigned to command at Harper's Ferry, VA.

28 1862 Forts Jackson and St. Phillip on the Mississippi river are surrendered to Union troops.


1 1807 General John B. Magruder’s birthday.

 1 1863 The Second National Flag "Stainless Banner" is officially adopted by the Confederate Congress

1-4 1863 Battle of Chancellorsville, VA

3 1863 Battle at Fredricksburg, VA

4 1863 Battle of Salem Church, VA

5 1862 Battle of Williamsburg, VA

5 1863 in the middle of the night a company of US troops barged into politician Clement Vallandigham's Ohio home, broke down the door, and dragged him from his bed. He was hurried off to Cincinnati to be tried for sedition.

5-6 1864 Battle of the Wilderness, VA

6 1861 Arkansas and Tennessee secede

7 1861 Virginia admitted into the Confederacy

7 1865 Governor Brown surrenders the Georgia State Line Troops and the Georgia Militia to Union General James H. Wilson 

7 1865 Major Henry Wirz arrested at Andersonville, GA on order of US General Wilson.

9-19 1864 Battles around Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA

8 1862 Battle of McDowell, VA

9-12 1864 Battle of Rocky Face Ridge, GA

9 1864 Fighting at Snake Creek Gap near Resaca, GA

 10 1861 General Lee assigned command of Confederate Forces in Virginia.

10 1863 Lt. General Thomas J. Jackson dies of wounds from the Battle of Chancellorsville, VA 

10 1865 President Jefferson Davis captured by Yankee cavalry at Irwinville, GA

11 1864 Battle of Yellow Tavern, VA

11 1867 President Davis released from prison on $100,000 bond provided by prominent Northerners, among them old abolitionists Gerrit Smith and Horace Greely. Although still scheduled to be tried for charges of treason, he would never be tried.

12 1862 Georgia Railroad Bridge Guard begins duty under Captain E.M. Gault.

12 1864 General J.E.B. Stuart dies from wounds received at the Battle of Yellow Tavern, VA 

12 1865 Brigadier General W.T. Wofford surrenders Confederate forces in North Georgia at Kingston, GA

12-13 1865 Battle of Palmetto Ranch, TX, (last battle of the war)

 13 1861 Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch is appointed to the command of the district embracing the Indian Territory lying west of Arkansas and south of Kansas. CSA Major Douglas H. Cooper, of the Choctaw Nation, is authorized to raise a mounted regiment of Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians.

13-15 1864 Battle of Resaca, GA

15 1802 General Isaac Trimble’s birthday

15 1864 Battle of New Market, VA

16 1824 General Edmund Kirby Smith’s birthday

16 1861 Tennessee officially admitted to the Confederacy

17 1863 Battle of Big Black River Bridge, MS

18 1863 The Siege of Vicksburg begins

18 1864 Battle of Cassville, GA

19 1864 General Johnston faces Sherman's invading armies at Cassville, GA

19 1865 CSS Stonewall lowers Confederate banner in Cuba.

20 1861 North Carolina secedes

20 1861 Confederate States capital moved from Montgomery, AL to Richmond, VA

 21 1822 General Dabney H. Maury’s (also founder of the Southern Historical Society) birthday

22 1865 President Davis is imprisoned at Fort Monroe, VA

23-27 1864 Battle of North Anna River, VA

24 1861 Yankee troops occupy Alexandria, VA

25 1816 General Henry H. Sibley’s birthday

25 1864 Battle of New Hope Church, Dallas, GA

26 1865 General Simon B. Buckner surrenders the Army of Trans-Mississippi 

27 1864 Battle of Pickett’s Mill, GA

28 1818 General P.G.T. Beauregard’s birthday

28 1864 Battle of Dallas, GA

30 1864 Skirmish at Greenville, TN

31-1 1862 Battle of Seven Pines, VA


1 1825 General John Hunt Morgan’s birthday

1 1831 General John Bell Hood’s birthday

1 1861 Skirmishes at Arlington Mills and Fairfax Court House, VA

1 1862 Battle of Seven Pines, VA (continues)

1 1864 Allatoona Pass, GA captured by Stoneman's Federal cavalry

1-3 1864 Battle of Cold Harbor, VA

3 1808 Jefferson Davis birthday

 3 1861 CSS Sumter officially designated

4 1815 General Paul J. Semmes’ birthday

4 1864 Engagements at Acworth and Big Shanty, GA

6 1862 Battle of Memphis, TN

7 1862 William B. Mumford is hanged by order of General Benjamin "Beast" Butler for tearing down a Union flag over the New Orleans Mint. 

8 1862 Battle of Cross Keys, VA

9 1862 Battle of Port Republic, VA

9 1863 Battle of Brandy Station, VA

10 1861 Battle of Big Bethel (Bethel Church), VA

10 1864 Battle of Brice's Crossroads, MS

12-15 1862 General Jeb Stuart's cavalry begins its famous "Ride Around McClellan"

14 1861 Skirmish at Seneca Mills, MD

 14 1864 General Leonidas Polk is killed at Pine Mountain, GA 

15 1863 Battle of Winchester, VA

16 1862 Battle of Secessionville, SC

17 1861 Engagement at Booneville, MO, Camp Cole, MO and Vienna, VA.

17 1864 Sherman's troops launch a fierce attack on the Confederates at Mud Creek near Marietta, GA

18 1864 Siege of Petersburg, VA begins

19 1864 CSS Alabama sunk by USS Kearsarge off Cherbourg, France

21 1862 Skirmish at Simmons Bluff, SC

21 1863 Fighting at Hudsonville, MS, Brashear City, LA and Powder Springs Gap, TN

22 1864 Battle of Kolb Farm, GA

22 1864 General A.P. Hill's troops stop the Yankees from seizing the Weldon Railroad near Petersburg, VA

23 1865 Brigadier General Stand Watie signed cease hostilities agreements with the United States Government, near Doaksville, Indian Territory. Gen. Watie and his Indian Brigade were "The Last to Strike the Colors".

24 1863 Generals Longstreet and A.P. Hill corps move into Maryland en route to Pennsylvania

25-1 1862 Seven Days Battles, VA opens with Battle of King's School House, VA

26 1862 Battle of Mechanicsville, VA

27 1862 Battle of Gaines' Mill, VA

27 1864 Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, GA

28 1824 General William T. Wofford’s birthday

28 1865 CSS Shenandoah fires last shot in defense of the Confederacy

29 1862 Battle of Savage's Station, VA

30 1862 Battle of Frayser's Farm (White Oak Swamp), VA


1 1862 Battle of Malvern Hill, VA

1-3 1863 Battle of Gettysburg, PA begins

2 1810 Robert Augustus Toombs Birthday (CSA General and statesman)

2 1863 Battle of Little & Big Round Tops, Devil's Dean, Wheatfield, Peach Orchard, Cemetery Hill and Culps Hill in Gettysburg, PA

3 1863 Pickett-Pettigrew Charge, Gettysburg, PA

4 1828 General John J. Pettigrew’s birthday

4 1863 Vicksburg, MS falls 

5 1861 Engagement at Carthage, MO

5 1864 Federal cavalry occupies Roswell, GA; burns cotton and woolen mills next day

6 1861 CSS Sumter releases seven captured Union vessels in Cuban waters

8 1863 Port Hudson, LA surrenders as the last Confederate garrison on the Mississippi River

9 1864 Battle of Monocacy, MD, General Jubal Early’s troops advance on Washington, D.C.

9 1864 Factory works and surrounding homes in New Manchester, GA are burned under the direct order of General Sherman. A wooden dam across the Sweetwater Creek is cannonaded causing hundreds of thousands of dollars of further destruction to civilian property. 

10 1864 Mill workers from Roswell, New Manchester and Marietta, GA charged with treason, 400-500 mostly women, children and only a few men deported north by General Sherman, most never seen or heard from again 

11 1863 Yankee troops assault Battery Wagner at Charleston, SC

12 1864 Skirmish at Campbelton, GA

13 1821 General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s birthday

14 1862 The Arkansas, Confederate Ironclad attacks and damages three Yankee ships at Vicksburg, MS

14-15 1864 Battle of Tupelo, MS

15 1864 An Erie Railroad train jammed with Confederate prisoners, collides with a freight train More than 100 injured CSA prisoners were dumped into the Elmira, NY prison compound untreated and most died within a few days. 

17 1863 General John H. Morgan raids into Cincinnati heading east towards the Ohio River.

20 1864 Battle of Peachtree Creek, GA

21 1861 First Battle of Manassas, VA

22 1864 Battle of Atlanta, GA begins

23 1863 The first 60 midshipmen are assigned to the Confederate Naval Academy on board the Confederate States School Ship CSS Patrick Henry

23 1864 CSS Tallahassee commissioned as a commerce raider.

23 1865 Major Henry Wirz's trial began. He was charged with 13 murders, one of which supposedly happened in February of 1864, which was before Wirz even arrived at Andersonville. Of the other 12 charges of murder, each and every one of the "victims'" names were unknown

24 1864 Second Battle of Kernstown, VA

25 1863 Skirmish at Brownsville, AR, and Williamsburg, KY

25 1864 Skirmish at Benton, AR and Pleasant Hill, MO

26 1861 Confederate forces capture Fort Fillmore, Mesilla, NM Territory

27 1864 Sherman orders railroad lines south of Atlanta to be destroyed.

28 1864 Battle of Ezra Church, GA

30 1864 Battle of The Crater, Petersburg, VA

30 1864 Battle of Brown’s Mill, Newnan, GA

30 1864 Macon, GA occupied by Stoneman’s Yankee cavalry

31 1863 Skirmish at Paint Lick Bridge, KY

31 1864 Battle of Sunshine Church near Round Oak, GA

31 1864 Fighting near Watkins Plantation, AL


2 1862 Skirmish at Jonesboro, AR, and Austin, MS

2 1863 Skirmish at Stumptown, MO

3 1864 Fighting in the Atlanta area Mulberry Creek, Jug Tavern, King's Tanyard, and Frogtown, GA

4 1862 General Sibley's brigade burns Fort Bliss, TX

5 1864 Battle of Mobile Bay, AL

6 1864 Battle of Utoy Creek, GA

6 1864 CSS Tallahassee breaks the Yankee blockade and begins a two-week campaign destroying 30 union ships

7 1864 Battle of Moorefield, WV

8 1862 Battle of Cumberland Gap, TN

9 1862 Battle of Cedar Mountain, VA

10 1814 General John C. Pemberton’s birthday

10 1861 Battle of Wilson’s Creek, MO

12 1863 Yankees begin shelling Charleston, SC, and her harbor forts

13 1862 Skirmish at Gallatin, TN

15 1862 Skirmish at Claredon, AR

15 1863 Skirmish at Bentonville, AR

16 1864 CSS Tallahassee captures 5 Yankee ships off the coast of New England

17 1862 CSS Florida officially designated. Becomes first foreign-built warship constructed for the Confederate States of America.

18 1864 Gen. Grant refuses second Confederate request to exchange POW’s 

 19 1861 Confederate Congress agrees to an alliance with Missouri’s Confederate government

20 1864 Fighting at Lovejoy's Station, GA

21 1821 General William Barksdale’s Birthday.

21 1864 General Nathan Bedford Forrest's cavalry captures Memphis, TN

22 1862 Skirmish at Catlett's Station, VA

22 1863 Skirmish at Big Creek, MO and Stafford Court House, VA

24 1864 Skirmish at Mud Town, AR

25 1863 General Order No. 11 is issued by US Brigadier General Thomas Ewing, commanding the District of the Border. He ordered the evacuation of four counties in western Missouri. Those who could establish their loyalty to the satisfaction of the commanding officer of the nearest military post would be issued certificates allowing them to move to military posts in the state. Everyone else was supposed to leave the state.

25 1864 Battle of Reams' Station, VA

27-29 1861 Battle of Hatteras Inlet, NC

27-30 1862 Battle of Second Manassas, VA

28 1862 Engagement at Thoroughfare Gap, VA

29-30 1862 Second Battle of Manassas, VA

30 1862 Battle of Richmond, KY

31-1 1864 Battle of Jonesboro, GA


1 1862 Battle of Chantilly, VA

1 1864 Battle of Jonesboro, GA (continues)

2 1864 Atlanta falls and is occupied by General Sherman the following day 

4 1862 CSS Oreto runs Federal blockade, makes port at Mobile, AL

4 1864 General John Hunt Morgan killed at Greenville, TN 

6 1864 General Sherman orders an evacuation of all citizens from Atlanta, GA 

6 1864 Charleston, SC under bombardment.  600 rounds fired against the Confederate defenders at Fort Sumter.

7 1815 Howell Cobb’s birthday (CSA general, cabinet member and statesman)

7 1838 Major John Pelham (promoted to Lieutenant Colonel after his death) birthday

8 1863 Battle of Sabine Pass, TX

9 1871 General Stand Waite died at Honey Creek, OK.

10 1836 General Joseph "Fighting Joe" Wheeler’s birthday

10 1861 Battle of Carnifex Ferry, WV

11-13 1861 Battle of Cheat Mountain, WV

12 1862 Colonel Joe Porter’s Confederate troops rode into occupied Palmyra, MO in an effort to free the town from its occupation.

13 1861 Francis Key Howard, the grandson of Francis Scott Key, was arrested by order of U.S. General Banks, and taken to Fort McHenry as being an "active secessionist". On that day forty-seven years before his grandfather wrote the Star Spangled Banner, a prisoner on a British Warship that was bombarding Fort McHenry.

14 1862 Battles of South Mountain and Crampton's Gap, MD

15 1862 General Jackson’s troops capture12,000 prisoners at Harper’s Ferry, VA

17 1820 General Earl Van Dorn’s birthday

17 1862 Battle of Sharpsburg, MD

18 1818 General Marcellus Augustus Stovall’s birthday

18 1862 Massacre at Palmyra, MO. Ten men were loaded onto wagons, seated on newly made coffins, and taken to the Palmyra fairgrounds where they were executed under the order of Union General McNeil. 

19 1862 Battle of Iuka, MS

19-20 1863 Battle of Chickamauga, GA

19 1864 Third Battle of Winchester, VA

20 1809 General Sterling Price’s birthday

22 1833 General Stephen D. Lee’s birthday (author of the SCV Charge)

22 1864 Battle of Fisher's Hill, VA

24 1862 Sherman orders his subordinates to destroy every house in Randolph, TN in retaliation for Confederate fire upon supply steamboats.

24 1864 Yankee armies begin to burn crops and civilian property in the Shenandoah Valley, VA 

27 1862 Sherman ordered that for every instance of firing onto a boat, near Randolph ten families should be expelled from Memphis, TN. Sherman begins placing Confederate prisoners on boats exposed to attack.

28 1864 Fighting in Polk County and Caledonia, MO

29-30 1864 Battle of Chaffin's Farm, VA

30-2 1864 Battle of Peeble's Farm, VA


1 1862 General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s cavalry skirmish at Athens and Huntsville, AL

2 1862 Battle of Columbia, MS

3-4 1862 Battle of Corinth, MS

5 1863 CSS David, a Confederate torpedo boat explodes spar torpedo damaging the USS New Ironsides in Charleston harbor, SC

5 1864 Battle of Allatoona Pass, GA

7 1861 CSA signs alignment treaty with the Cherokee Nation. The Cherokee Braves flag is flown in honor of the event.

8 1862 Battle of Perryville, KY

9 1862 General J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry raids Chambersburg, PA, in the first ride around McClelland's army

10 1864 General Nathan Bedford Forrest's troops inflict heavy damage to union vessels and troops at Eastport, MI on the Tennessee River.

10 1864 Sherman's invading troops burn all foundries, mills, and shops of every kind in Rome, GA

 12 1815 General William Hardee’s birthday.

12 1870 General Robert E. Lee died. 

13 1864 General John B. Hood's forces seize Western & Atlantic RR above Resaca, GA

14 1863 Fighting at Bristoe Station, VA

15 1863 H.L. Hunley sinks for a second time training exercises killing 7 crew members 

16 1863 Skirmishes at Grand Coteau, LA, Fort Brooke, FL and Pungo Landing, NC

18 1862 General John H. Morgan's cavalry seize Lexington, KY

19 1864 Battle of Cedar Creek, VA

19 1864 CSS Shenandoah officially received into Confederate Navy.

19 1864 Confederate raid on St. Albans, VT

20 1863 Fighting at Barton's Station, Dickeson's Station, Cane Creek, AL and Treadwell's Plantation, MS

21 1861 Battle of Leesburg (Ball's Bluff), VA

23 1828 Birthday of General Turner Ashby

25 1864 General Hoods men attack Yankees at Round Mountain near Turkeytown, AL

26 1824 General Arthur M. Manigault's birthday

27 1864 Union attacks South Side Railroad at Petersburg, VA

28 1863 General Longstreet engages General Hooker at Wauhatchie, TN, in a rare night attack

29 1877 General Nathan Bedford Forrest died.


 Battle Flag Month. In November of 1861, the first official battle flags were issued to General Beauregard’s troops. This flag is referred to as the "Southern Cross".

 1-3 1861 General John B. Floyd troops attack Rosecrans Yankees at Gauley Bridge, WV

2 1861 HMS Bermuda runs the Federal blockade out of Charleston, SC

3 1816 General Jubal Early’s birthday.

4 1864 General Forest troops destroy Federal gunboats, transports and storage warehouses near Johnsonville, TN

5 1864 Cassville, GA burned by 5th Ohio Cavalry under Sherman’s orders 

6 1863 Battle of Droop Mountain, WV

6 1865 CSS Shenandoah strikes her colors in Liverpool England as last active CSA force to fly the CSA colors. 

7 1861 Battles of Belmont, MO and Port Royal, SC

8 1861 Confederate Commissioners James Mason & John Slidell are seized by union navy ship USS San Jacinto off the British ship "Trent" on high seas in violation of international law

9 1825 General Ambrose Powell (AP) Hill’s birthday

10 1864 Sherman's invading troops burn all foundries, mills, and shops of every kind in Rome, GA. 

10 1865 Major Henry Wirz is hanged by order of the federal army court

12 1861 The Fingal, a blockade runner bought in England, arrives in Savannah with military supplies. 

13 1862 Skirmishes at Holly Springs, MS, Nashville TN and Sulphur Springs, VA

14 1863 The blockade runner Terista is captured near the mouth of the Rio Grande, TX

15 1864 Atlanta is looted and burned by the invading Yankee army of by Sherman's army. Sherman begins the infamous "March to the Sea" of mass destruction and war crimes against Southern civilians 

17 1863 Over 100 Confederate troops are captured on Mustang Island, TX

19 1864 Yankees steal and destroy over a half million dollars of property as they occupy Clinton, GA 

20 1864 Battle of Griswoldville, GA

 21 1864 General Hood leads 30,000 infantry and 8,000 cavalries from Florence AL towards Tennessee.

22 1863 Fighting at Cedar Bayou, TX

22-23 1864 Skirmishes at Milledgeville, GA

23 1863 Battle of Orchard Knob, TN

23-25 1863 Battles of Chattanooga, TN

24 1861 Federal troops gain a foothold on Tybee Island, GA

24 1863 Battle of Lookout Mountain, TN

25 1863 Battle of Missionary Ridge, TN

25-26 1864 Skirmishes at Sandersville, GA

27 1808 General Hugh W. Mercer’s birthday

27 1863 Confederate patriot Sam Davis is hanged under the order of Union General Dodge in Giles Co, TN.

28 1861 Missouri is officially admitted to the Confederacy

28 1864 Engagement at Waynesboro, GA

29 1863 Battle of Ft. Loudon, Knoxville, TN

 30 1864 Battle of Franklin, TN, General Patrick Cleburne is killed 

30 1864 Battle of Honey Hill, SC

30 1864 Skirmish at Louisville, GA


1 1861 Skirmish at Camp Goggin and Whippoorwill Creek, KY

2 1861 CSS Patrick Henry is damaged after a two hour battle with Federal gunboats at Newport News, VA

3 1864 Skirmish at Thomas Station, GA

4 1864 Skirmishes at Waynesboro, Statesboro, Lumpkin Station, and Little Ogeechee River, GA

5 1862 Confederates defeat Yankee cavalry on the Mississippi Central railroad near Coffeeville, MS

6 1889 President Jefferson Davis died in New Orleans 

7 1862 Battle of Prairie Grove, AR

8 1864 Skirmishes at Ebenezer Creek and Bryan Court House, GA

 10 1861 Confederate Congress acts to admit Kentucky to the Confederacy as the 13th state

11-13 1862 Brigadier Gen. Wade Hampton's cavalry raid on US supply depot at Dumfries, VA

12 1806 General Stand Watie birthday.

 12 1830 General Joseph O. Shelby’s birthday

13 1862 Georgia General Assembly creates the "Georgia State Line Troops"

13-14 1862 Battle of Fredericksburg, VA

13 1864 Ft. McAllister, GA falls to Sherman's invaders

15-16 1864 Battle of Nashville, TN

16 1825 General Henry Heth’s birthday

16 1864 Skirmish at Hinesville, GA

17-20 1862 General Hampton's cavalry raids Federal supply depot at Occoquan, VA

18 1862 General Nathan Bedford Forrest's cavalry defeats Yankee cavalry at Lexington, TN

19 1862 General Nathan Bedford Forrest's cavalry attacks Grant's supply line at the railroad near Jackson TN

19 1983 Confederate supply base is destroyed at St. Andrews, FL

 20 1860 South Carolina secedes, the first to do so.

20 1864 Savannah, GA is evacuated

21 1864 Sherman’s Yankees occupy Savannah, GA after General Hardee withdraws 

22 1862 General Morgan's cavalry crosses the Cumberland River to raid in Kentucky.

23 1861 Lord Lyon's of Great Britain demands the Federals release Confederate Commissioners Mason & Slidell to England.

25 1864 yankees attack Fort Fisher, NC

25-26 1864 General Nathan Bedford Forrest troops battle Yankees at Anthony’s Hill and Sugar Creek, TN near the Alabama border

25 1861 Trent affair ends with the release of Commissioners Mason & Slidell to the British

26 1863 Yankees loot and burn Port Lavaca, TX

 27 1860 South Carolina troops seize Castle Pinckney and Fort Moultrie in Charleston Harbor.  The US Revenue Cutter William Aiken is surrendered to South Carolina authorities.

28 Skirmish at Dripping Springs, AR

29 1862 General Lee executed a deed of manumission for all the slaves of the Custis estate.

29 1863 Battle of Chickasaw Bayou, MS

30 1860 Arsenal at Charleston, SC seized by South Carolina Troops.

30 1863 Twenty CSA Marines freeze to death when yankees swamp their boat and then fire on the survivors at Matagorda Penisula, TX. 

31-2 1862 Battles of Murfreesboro, TN including Parker's Crossroads and Stone's River, TN



"The enemy never sees the backs of my Texans!"

-General Robert E. Lee: The Battle of the Wilderness, 1864