• ​Pvt. Seimon Andreas Aanenson; 2nd Texas Infantry, (Texas Sharpshooters Wise Community, Van Zandt County, Texas ( 2nd Great Grand Father ) 
  • Dr. George William Wyche; Assistant Surgeon, 18th Texas Infantry (Ochiltee's), 34th Texas Cavalry, Alexander's; buried Kennedy City Cemetery, Karnes County, TX ( 3rd Great Uncle )
  • Corporal George Terrell Stovall; 2nd Mississippi Cavalry
    ​Confederate Cemetery San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas ( 6th Cousin 1 X Removed )

  • Colonel George Wythe Baylor; Texas Ranger and CSA Arizona Brigade; Confederate Cemetery San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Dr. Joseph E. Mayfield; Sgt. Co. G, 8th Texas Inf. (2nd Cousin 4x) Confederate Cemetery, San Antonio.

"Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set."

- Proverbs 22:28 


  • Pvt. Austin C. White: Company B, Yager's 1st Mounted Rifles, Texas Cavalry. Confederate Cemetery San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas


  • 1st.Lt. Benjamin F. Cotton: Co. C, Texas Cavalry


DARYL PERRY - Assc. Member, Camp #2254

  • John William Blakeney: on the roll of Lee's army surrendered at Appomattox. In the fight of the crater at Petersburg, one of the bloodiest contests of the war, Mr. Blakeney was shot through the lung. He was present at the battles of the Wilderness, Sharpsburg, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, and Gettysburg. He was probably one of the last survivors of the famous Pickett's charge which marked the high water mark of the Confederacy at Gettysburg.  CSA Cemetery, SA.

GEORGE "Bubba" CHEEK - Assc. Member, Camp #1953

  • Pvt. Thomas L. Doyle: Co. K, 6th Texas Infantry
  • Sgt. James T. Bell: Co. B, 2nd Mississippi Regiment
  • 2nd Lt. John Wallace Kerr: Hood's Division Longstreet's Corps
  • Maj. Patrick L. Henry: Co. B, 28th Texas Infantry


  • Pvt. Branson VanBuren Bywaters, MD: 9th BrigadeTexas Militia


  • Pvt. Burrell F. Stephenson: Co. G, 6th Texas Vols. Infantry
  • Brigade General, William Hugh Young: 9th Texas Infantry
  • Brigade General Hugh Franklin Young: Texas State Troops 
  • Pvt. B. F. Young: Texas Militia  
  • ​Pvt. William J. Morgan: 4th Regiment Texas State Troops

BOBBY MOORE - Assc. Member, Camp #977

  • Col. John Salmon " Rip " Ford: Born May 26, 1815, in Greenville County, South Carolina. Died November 3, 1897, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. Grave in Confederate Cemetery San Antonio, Texas
  • Pvt. A.B. "Bone" Stephenson: 6th Texas Infantry 


  • Corp. William C. Leak: Co. C, 6 Regiment Georgia Inf. CSA

JOHN McCAMMON - TX. DIV. COMMANDER & Assc. Member, Camp #1953

  • Pvt. ​Wiley Ledbetter: 8th Brigade, Texas Militia, Grave at Confederate Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas

The Texas Division has instituted a special program to honor the memory of our Confederate Ancestors and to help ensure the preservation of their final resting places. Any Texas Division camp member in good standing, who has demonstrated his willingness to serve in this special capacity, who is at least fourteen years of age, and has tended a Confederate soldier’s grave for two years prior, may become a FULL GUARDIAN. All compatriots are encouraged to participate in this most worthwhile program to honor our ancestors and protect their final resting places. He shall care for and protect the grave of a Confederate Veteran, ensuring that the site is kept clean and well maintained year-round. He shall perform these duties personally unless physically prevented from doing so by reason of health problems. He shall be responsible that the grave has an appropriate marker designating it as the resting place of a Confederate Veteran. (i.e.: a family stone with reference to Confederate serves, and/or a government-issued veteran’s stone, and/or a Southern Cross of Honor.) He shall also be responsible for replacing or repairing any marker that is destroyed, damaged, or badly worn. He shall personally visit the grave a minimum of three times a year, to include Confederate Memorial Day, or at least one week prior, when he shall place either a wreath or small Confederate Flag, or both, on the grave.

MARK PHILLIPS - Assc. Member, Camp #713

  • 2 Lt. Christopher C. Harris: Co. D, 14th Alabama Regiment CSA 
  • Pvt. Robert A. Persons: Co. E, 31st Georgia Infantry CSA


  • Capt. Benjamin Crowther: Co. D, 12th Missouri Cavalry Regiment
  • Capt. Edwin Frost Lilly, Asst. Quartermaster: 33rd Texas Cavalry Regiment
  • Pvt. John Varga: Co. H,  3rd Texas Infantry


  • Pvt. Enoch J. Massey: Co. K, 5th Regiment Texas Cavalry - CSA. Birth Date unknown. Death March 4, 1910. Grave in Yoakum, Texas

GARRY CORNETT - 6th Brig. LT. COMMANDER & Assc. Member, Camp #713

  • Pvt. Emanuel Stroman: Co. F, 24th South Carolina Infantry
  • Pvt. William B. Hatch: Co. I, Texas Cavalry CSA


  • Maj. John P. Donelson: 2nd Texas Cavalry
  • Capt. John Eckford: 36th Texas Cavalry

"The enemy never sees the backs of my Texans!"

-General Robert E. Lee: The Battle of the Wilderness, 1864