Max Starcke Strozier

Corp. William C. Leak , Co. C, 6 Regiment Georgia Inf. CSA

Pvt. Thomas L. Doyle, Co. K, 6th Texas Infantry

​​Sgt. James T. Bell, Co. B, 2nd Mississippi Regiment

2nd Lt. John Wallace Kerr, Hood's Division Longstreets Corps

Maj. Patrick L. Henry, Co. B, 28th Texas Infantry 

1st.Lt. Benjamin F. Cotton, Co. C, Texas Cavalry

Guardian Program Members of Camp #153

Pvt. Emanuel Stroman, Co. F, 24th South Carolina Infantry

Capt. Benjamin Crowther, Co. D, 12th Missouri Cavalry Regiment

​Capt. Edwin Frost Lilly, Asst. Quartermaster 33rd Texas Cavalry Regiment

Pvt. John Varga, Co. H,  3rd Texas Infantry

Jim Woolums

J. B. Crowther

​George P. Foulds

​Gary Cornett, Camp #713

​Corpus Christi, Texas

Pvt. Robert A. Persons, Co. E, 31st Georgia Infantry CSA

Jacob William Smith

Dustin W. Seiler

Pvt. Seimon Andreas Aanenson ; 2nd Texas Infantry, ( Texas Sharpshooters )

Wise Community, Van Zandt County, Texas ( 2nd Great Grand Father ) 

Dr. George William Wyche ; Assistant Surgeon, 18th Texas Infantry

 ( Ochiltee's ), 34th Texas Cavalry, Alexander's; buried Kennedy City Cemetery, Karnes County, TX ( 3rd Great Uncle )

Corporal George Terrell Stovall ; 2nd Mississippi Cavalry

​Confederate Cemetery San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas ( 6th Cousin 1 X Removed )

Colonel George Wythe Baylor ; Texas Ranger and CSA Arizona Brigade; Confederate Cemetery San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Dr Joseph E. Mayfield ; Sgt. Co. G, 8th Texas Inf. (2nd Cousin 4x) Confederate Cemetery, San Antonio.


Pvt. Austin C. White, Company B, Yager's 1st Mounted Rifles, Texas Cavalry.


Pvt. William B. Hatch, Co. I, Texas Cavalry CSA

John William Blakeney, on the roll of Lee's army surrendered at Appomattox. In the fight of the crater at Petersburg, one of the bloodiest contests of the war, Mr. Blakeney was shot through the lung. He was present at the battles of the Wilderness, Sharpsburg, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor and Gettysburg. He was probably one of the last survivors of the famous Pickett's charge which marked the high water mark of the Confederacy at Gettysburg.  CSA Cemetery, SA.

William "Bill" Smith

Maj. John P. Donelson, 2nd Texas Cavalry

General: Hamilton Prideau Bee, Commanded the 1st, 23rd, 26th, 35th, and 36th Cavalry headquarters in Brownsville, Texas. Grave in Confederate Cemetery San Antonio, Texas

Leslie D. Perry

​​Bobby Moore

1st Lt. Leroy Clay Wright; Santos Benavides 33rd Regiment, Texas Cavalry
 2nd Lt. Crawford Clifton " Doc" Burnett Jr.; Co. F, 17 Regiment, Texas

Pvt. John Ross Palmer; Co. B 5th Regiment, Texas Cavalry. 


Pvt. George William Palmer; Co. D, Texas State Troops
 Pvt. James Madison Sample; Co. E, 8th Texas Cavalry. 
 Pvt. George Washington Adams " GW " ; Co. D, 33rd Texas Cavalry

Pvt. Benjamin Washington Palmer; 3rd Infantry, Luckett's Regiment

Pvt. William Burnett; 11th Brigade Texas State Troops CSA

Pvt. Daniel Boone Dillard; Co. H (Catchingrtillery ) 1st Texas Heavy Artillery (Cook's Batt. ) CSA 

Col. John Salmon " Rip " Ford, Born May 26, 1815, in Greenville County, South Carolina. Died November 3, 1897, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. Grave in Confederate Cemetery San Antonio, Texas

​​Pvt. A.B. "Bone" Stephenson, 6th Texas Infantry 






Pvt. Burrell F. Stephenson, Co. G, 6th Texas Vols. Infantry

Brigade General, William Hugh Young,9th Texas Infantry

Brigade General, Hugh Franklin Young, Texas State Troops 

Pvt. B. F. Young, Texas Militia  

​Pvt. William J. Morgan, 4th Regiment Texas State Troops

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Pvt. Enoch J. Massey, Co. K, 5th Regiment Texas Cavalry. CSA Birth Date unknown. Death March 4, 1910. Grave in Yoakum, Texas

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Sanford C. Reed

​Dave Sweeney (George Foulds)

Beck Steiner

Capt. John Eckford, 36th Texas Cavalry

John McCammon

Richard M. Reynolds

​2 Lt. Chrisatopher C. Harris, Co. D, 14th Alabama Regiment CSA 


George "Bubba" Cheek

Pvt. ​Wiley Ledbetter, 8th Brigade, Texas Militia, Grave at Confederate Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas

Guardian Over

Pvt. Branson VanBuren Bywaters, MD, 9th BrigadeTexas Militia


Mark Phillips, Camp #713

​Corpus Christi, Texas