Officers, Staff, 
Trans-Mississippi Old Guard & 
 Hood's Light Artillery

2nd Lt. Commander

Dustin W. Seiler

Committee Chairmen

JROTC Student Awards - William A. Smith      Adopt-a-Highway - Mike Reynolds

Honor Guard Commanders

Trans-Mississippi Old Guard (Riffles, Sabers and Color Guard)                               Hood's Texas Light Artillery (Cannon)

      Captain - Mike Reynolds   Sergeant - George D. Cheek                                    Sergeant-Major - William S. Smith    Corpsman - Dustin W. Seiler

Judge Advocate

Dr. Jeffery Addicott, Esq.

​USAF, Lt. Col. (Retired)

-Mississippi Old Guard Membership List Updated: 04/15/19    
          Member:                                             Email:
Mike Reynolds, Capt.
Bubba Cheek, Sgt.
Sanford Reed       
John McCammon  

George P. Foulds  
Bill Smith                           
Raymond Reeves            
Bobby Moore         

Leslie D. Perry      

Joe Owen               

Charles Thacker   

​Johnny Davis       

​Johnathan Driver

​Dustin Seiler, Flag Bearer

The “Old Guard” also has a large 10’X20’ Heavy Duty Canvas Tent for funerals & special occasions.  The Tent Crew is J. & A. Smith.  The Corps is in Period Dress, posts flags, and fires

rifle salutes at special events, funerals, and Confederate Iron Cross Ceremonies.  Call to schedule.  Members may be seen wearing a custom medal produced exclusively for the Trans-Mississippi Old Guard or its replacement seen at right. Trans-Mississippi is the designation for Confederate military operations west of the Mississippi. The Old Guard, an elite unit guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, is proud to honor all American service members. The Texas Star is the focal point and represents Texas’ participation and contributions during The Second American Revolution. It is designed with the point down to resemble the Congressional Medal of Honor. Smaller Stars in the wreath personify heroes and Trans-Mississippi War Department Officers.* The cross appropriately symbolizes the Christian traditions maintained by the Southern People.  The red ribbon background signifies The Southern Cross of Honor and the bloodshed by our citizen-soldier ancestors who fought for the Confederacy and personified the best qualities of America. This medal exemplifies and promotes the overall image of preserving freedom and liberty and is worn with pride by members and supporters of the Trans-Mississippi Old Guard.* Officers memorialized by the 10 small stars: Gen. Robert E. Lee (in Texas 2-8-1861); Gen. John Bell Hood; Gen. John Bankhead Magruder; Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith; Col. John S. (RIP) Ford; Col. Benjamin McCulloch; Lt. Col. John B. Baylor; Brig. Gen. Henry H. Sibley; Gen. Earl Van Dorn; Maj. Alfred M. Hobby.    5-22-2015


Members of the Hood's Texas Brigade Light Artillery List Updated: 07/11/19

​Name:                                         E-Mail:

Bill Manuel, Sgt. Major   

Kenny Wright Jr., Sgt.      

Dustin W. Seiler, Corpsman

Leslie D. Perry                

Rodney W. Seiler             



Originally a separate entity called the San Antonio Cannoneers until they disbanded on June 28th, 2019; the Hood's Texas Brigade Light Artillery officially became affiliated with Hood's Texas Brigade, Camp #153 on July 11th, 2019 and then named so, on August 8th, 2019 "Hood's Texas Brigade Light Artillery". The Light Artillery uses three separate pieces: 1776 Revolutionary "Grasshopper" 3-lbs gun, 1841 Smoothbore Field 6-lbs gun, and a Chorn Mortar gun.  Hood's Texas Brigade Light Artillert is in Period Dress,  fires cannon salutes at special events, funerals, and Confederate Iron Cross Ceremonies, education programs and school events. All member's and associates of the camp are welcome to join. To join Hood's Texas Brigade Light Artillery, all members must be trained and certified in the firing of a Muzzle Loading Artillery as well as your own CSA artillery wool or jean-wool uniform of either Army of Northern Virginia or Army of Trans-Mississippi. 



Camp Commander

Mark G. Riser


(Availability and scheduling must be approved by individual speaker)

         Speaker                                                              Topics

Dr. Jeffry Addicott                  Author of numerous articles & books, International lecturer and professor.

                                              "Lincoln's Legacy: Lies, Damn Lies, and Damn Yankee Lies"
                                              “Terrorism” and other topics on request

Peter Baron                              Arson Dogs and First Responders
                                               Confederate Advanced Genealogical Research
                                               The Establishment of the Continental Army
                                               The transition from Militia to a standing Army
                                               The uniforms and the accoutrements of the American Revolution
                                               The Evolution of Old Glory & other Colonial Flags
                                               Tejas during the American Revolution
                                               The Spanish involvement in the American Revolution
                                               Colonial Virginia
                                               Battles of the American Revolution
                                               The Prison Ship New Jersey
                                               Privateers of the American Revolution
                                               The Pennsylvania Associators
                                               Bernardo de Galvez
                                               Colonial Texas

                                               Texas Land Grants
                                               General Genealogy
                                               Early Migration patterns of American Colonists
                                               and other topics on request.

Judge Ed Butler-                      “Spain's Assistance During the American Revolutionary War”
                                              “Texas Genealogy College”

George “Bubba” Cheek*           “Co.K, 6th Texas Rifles Historical Actors”
                                               “Uniforms and Accoutrements of the Confederate Soldier”

                                               "Black Powder Rifles & Pistols"

J.B. Crowther                           ”Confederate Colonies in Mexico’s Upper Tuxpan River Valley”

John McCammon*                    ”Organization and Activities of The SCV Texas 6th Brigade”
                                                ”Confederate Cemetery Association of San Antonio”
                                                “Current Attacks on Southern Heritage, Flags, and Monuments”

Joe Owen                                   Author of numerous history books

                                                "Blood and Glory: The Texans at Gettysburg"
                                                 “Our National Parks - America’s Best Idea”
                                                  “Hispanic Contributions to The War” and other topics on request

Sanford Reed*                           “Lee’s Legacy of Faith and Chivalry”
                                                  “Lee’s Legacy to Today’s Universities”
                                                 “Horseback Through History: 1861-1865”
                                                  “Letters From The War”
                                                  “Visit with Lincoln”
                                                  “The Broken Mug”
                                                   ”Why I am an SCV Member”

                                                   "Military Order of Stars & Bars Genealogy"
                                                   “Open Carry and Handgun Licenses”

Mike Reynolds*                            ”Opportunities for Reinactors”
                                                    “How Hood’s Rifle Corps was Named: You Too Can Be a Member”

Bill Smith*                                     Available for school, classroom, and educational settings.
                                                    “History of Southern Culture”
                                                    “Flags of the Confederacy”
                                                    “Texican Contributions of the 1860’s”
                                                    “Arms and Munitions of the 1800’s” and other topics on request

Beckwith Steiner                           "Confederate Doctors & Medical Techniques"

Rev. Leon Steiner                          “Confederate Chaplains”

Max Strozier                                 “The Military Order of the Stars and Bars”            

Ray Wainner                                  ”Swords of The 2nd American Revolution”

Dustin Seiler#                             "Social Media: The New Digital Battlefield!"

​                                                        "Texas Society Order of Confederate Rose, Inc."


*We have members available to explain the membership, medal, founding, purpose, and guidelines of Hood’s Trans-Mississippi Old Guard Rifle & Color Corps.

#We have members available to explain the membership, founding, purpose, and guidelines of Hood’s Texas Brigade Light Artillery.

This is only a partial listing of the Speakers and Programs that are available through Hood’s Texas Brigade, Camp 153 and is revised and updated periodically.  Contact the 1s Lt. Commander for contact information and assistance in scheduling. Thank you and we look forward to serving your needs for interesting and informative programs for your group.    rev. 7-12-19

Immediate Past Commander

William S. Smith


Sanford C. Reed

Lt. Commander

Raymond B. Reeves

Color Sergeant & Quartermaster

Bobby N. Moore


Rodney W. Seiler

3rd Lt. Commander

Rick V. Neely


Woody W. Woodward

​​​​​Sons of Confederate Veterans

Hood's Texas Brigade, Camp #153